Frequently Asked Questions

A second opinion can be an important tool following any complicated diagnosis or treatment recommendation. Houston Methodist’s board-certified doctors will review your medical records, including imaging, to provide their expert opinion on your case. In many cases this second opinion will simply confirm the initial diagnosis, which can provide peace of mind, but in a significant percentage of cases a second opinion will disagree with the initial diagnosis or recommendations, potentially saving you from invasive surgery, or costly treatments. For specific diagnoses, Houston Methodist offers this service remotely, without requiring you to travel for that expert opinion.

Houston Methodist’s team of surgeons, physicians, researchers and other experts collaborate to solve medicine’s biggest challenges and turn discoveries into new therapies and treatments. Our drive for innovation is rooted in the legacy created by world-renowned cardiac surgeon Dr. Michael E. DeBakey. Today, Houston Methodist is well established as a leader in heart and vascular treatments, and also is known for spearheading breakthroughs in organ transplantation, orthopedics, cancer treatment and neurology and neurosurgery.

No. You may request a second opinion at your discretion. Houston Methodist’s second opinion program is independent of any care you are currently receiving.

At this time Houston Methodist’s second opinion program is available remotely for select adult neurosurgery cases. We are expanding the program to include additional diagnoses and service lines all the time. If you require a second opinion for a diagnosis other than those currently available, please contact our Second Opinion team directly for additional options, at 713.441.7346 or by email at

An online second opinion from Houston Methodist costs $549, and there is an additional charge if pathology/radiology review is required. You will not be charged for your second opinion until a medical team has reviewed your case and determined whether pathology/radiology will be required, to determine the total fee for your second opinion. Payments are processed securely via credit card. At this time online second opinions from Houston Methodist are offered on a cash basis only; they are not covered by insurance.

Once our team has confirmed receipt of medical records, images and payment, your second opinion will be available within 7 business days.

You can cancel a request at any point during the request process, until you agree to legal consent and formally submit the request to Houston Methodist.

Our secure web application defines the requirements by diagnosis. Typical requirements are a complete medical history, which you will provide via an online questionnaire, as well as relevant medical records and images. If you do not already have your medical records or images available in an electronic format, please contact our Second Opinion team at 713.441.7346 for assistance in collecting medical records from your treating physician(s).

Our secure web application allows you to easily create an online profile, and securely submit medical records and images to Houston Methodist, via a step-by-step process. You can review the status of your request at any time.

If you do not already have your medical records or images, please contact our Second Opinion team at 713.441.7346 for assistance in collecting medical records from your treating physician(s.)

Should your second opinion necessitate an in-person follow-up appointment or surgical procedure, our USA Patient Services team is available to provide that support. Our professional team of liaisons is ready to assist with scheduling appointments, as well as coordinate any services and care throughout a hospital visit.

If you have more questions please contact Houston Methodist’s Second Opinion team at 713.441.7346 or by email at We would be glad to assist you.